EMF Protection for Home

EMF Protection for Home

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) are all around you, especially in your own home. Even most cabins out in the woods now are highly WiFi connected so it’s hard to escape completely and be off the grid. If you can’t really fully avoid it you for sure can protect yourself from absorbing it into your body. That’s what using the Best EMF Protection for Home is all about.


Your home, like your office, is not a safe haven from EMF waves. Depending on how far you ar from your “Smart Meter,” which is an oxymoron (the opposite of what you would think it is from its name) because it isn’t that smart for you and your family’s health and wellbeing. It is one of the greatest invaders of your home, and can interfere with your immune system and brainwaves. Have you noticed that you have headaches, and sinus pressure more than you have ever had in your home since around 5 years ago?


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EMF Whole House Protection

EMF Whole House Protection helps you avoid being a receptor (something that receives these waves) and instead has them deflected back to the source. You can’t avoid EMF radiation but you can block, shield and deflect them around you instead of into your body. There are a number of ways to do this and you’ll discover which ones work best in keeping you and your family free from the negative effects fo these frequencies.


Microwave radiation (the same type the your microwave if you use one has) is in the EMF spectrum. It can damage your body by overheating your cells (brain, immune, tissue, organ.) The newer 5G towers are transmitting at a much higher frequency that can penetrate deeper into your body than ever before. If you look at the warning box on these units they say they are “unsafe” and “may exceed safety limits.” If you’re ever close to them you can even feel a slight hum in your brain, and it can cause headaches and dizziness. Point taken, I won’t be near them for long.


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How to Measure EMF at Home

How to Measure EMF at Home. You can easily measure the amount of radiation in your environment (home, office, living space, etec) by using a simple EMF detection Meter (pictured above.) They are inexpensive and can tell you how much EMF radiaiton is flowing into your home. I would advise every home to have at least one of them so you can see what is actually going on, since you can’t see the waves that can be overheating your brain and immune cells. You can’t see microwave radiation but you know it cooks!


Fret not if you have high levels, I had them myself. Fortunately my “Smart Meter” is 25 feet away so the farther the better. I have protecton in my living spaces so It’s not affecting me. You can get a Smart Meter cover to stop excess EMF radiation from scattering all around, instead making it a single point of entry and less harmful for you and your children. If the back of your Smart Meter is facing the inside of your home, then you will need additional protection like a Satic EMF Protection Whole Home Plug (pictured below.)


Smart Meter Cover


Smart Meter Guard

Smart Meter Dangers are well documented. They are the greatest emmitter of harmful EMF waves on your property. Using a Smart Meter Guard (pictured above) give you excellent protection from smart meter radiation and the negative health effects in and around your home. They block the scatter radiation that is showered out from all sides of your smart meter (it’s not really that smart at all if it damages your health is it?) It leaves just enough WiFi for it to be read by your local electric company but not enough to be harmful to you and your family’s health. You can see from the above image that the EMF radiation goes from a whopping 258 megawatts to 11 megawatts! New tests show what happens to your blood cells under a darkfield microscope when close to a smart meter in the following video:



There is one caveat on using a smart meter cover, and that is that it can allow more to pass towards the back of the unit. If the back of the smart meter radiation shield is directly facing a room where you live or occupy then you will want to get an additional whole house plug or pendant that hangs on the other side from the inside where the back of the unit would be if the wall wasn’t there. You can get a EMF reader to see if it is passing through or not and act accordingly. I use one anyway because I have a lot of WiFi and EMF devices in my home. I prefer to be safe rather than sick.


Home EMF Protection


EMF Blocker for Home

EMF Blocker for Home. You should be able to be safe and protected in your own home, but these EMF frequencies invading your private space you need to take action to protect yourself and your family. Get a simple Whole House EMF Plug (pictured above) to protect your living spaces from harmful EMF and WiFi radaiation. Your home is probably filled with all kinds of EMF emmitting devices like smart devices that use wireless, Bluetooth and microwave radiation that damage your brain, immune system and nervous system.


You should be able to wake up feeling refreshed, not exhausted! You do have the right to block harmful, cancer causing excess EMF radiation from entering your home, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. These EMF home shielding devices protect you and your family from the negative consequences of having them penetrate your brain and body day and night. Frequencies can heal, and frequencies can cause damage. It’s a no-brainer to use the right EMF protection to keep yourself as healthy as you choose.


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EMF Shielding Blanket

There many more type devices available, as jewelry and for health, energy and sports enhancement as well. If you use a laptop or notebook type computer (especially if you are pregnant or nursing) you can get an EMF Shielding Blanket (pictured above.) It protects you against absorbing EMF and electricity (dirty electricity) by blocking it completely. You can use an EMF meter and the reading will go down to zero when you are between the blanket and cell phone or WiFi devices!



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EMF Protector for Home

EMF Protector for Home. You need really good protection to keep your brain, nervous system, immune system and DNA from disruptive and damaging 5G and EMF waves. Here are the best home EMF shields and EMF blockers that can keep these harmful WiFi, 5G and microwave radiation waves out of your brain and body:

  • Whole House EMF Protection Plug (These devices protect your home from internal and external sources of EMF, Microwave, 5G, and dirty electricity)
  • EMF Shields for Electronics (These plug right into the receptacle and allow you to plug your electronics into it. It then protect you against all forms of EMF Radiation and Dirty Electricity)
  • EMF Pendants (Pictured above, scrambles harmful waves so they go around you instead of into you, endorsed by Dr. Masaru Emoto)
  • EMF Shielding Blanket (This is a specially filled and coated blanket that you can use when you want to shield your body from radiation – Good for women expecting or people with pacemakers)
  • Smart Meter Shield (These reduce the biggest threat on your home from harming you and your family)
  • Zeolite – Natural Zeolites are powerful radiation and cancer fighters (natural supplement)
  • Nascent Iodine (Protects your thyroid from radiation uptake and spreading into your body)
  • Earthing Pad – Grounding or “Earthing” allows EMF waves to pass through instead of into you (like the static pad you use when you’re on a computer.) This can be tested to show how when you’re touching it while using a WiFi device the meter reading drops down to almost zero!

You can use the EMF pendants hanging from any fixture so it can draw the radiation to it instead of into your body. Use the best of the natural technologies in your favor and be unaffected by whatever is forcing itself into your home unannounced!

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