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EMF protection necklaces

EMF Protection Crystals

EMF’s are everywhere! Outside, at your place of work or leisure, in your childrens school, at the senior center, and even in your home. Using the Best EMF Protection Crystals help you keep your body safe from the harmful EMF waves that can penetrate into your brain and upset your nervous system and immune system. They can even cause your DNA to make faulty genes so the cells your body is made of is now making irregular tissues, blood cells and organs. Having these EMF Crystals can help shield your body from these harmful EMF radiation waves.


What are the best Crystals for EMF Protection? Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Hematite, Pyrite, Smoky Quartz and Aventurine are some of the top ones that can block the harmful EMF radiation waves and protect your body and living space. They can really make a big difference in how you feel because of the ability of EMF waves to disrupt your brainwaves and make you feel dizzy, have headaches, and just not be able to think clearly.



Do EMF Blockers Work?

Do EMF Blockers Work? It depends on what type of protection you need (if you’re using a cell phone you need a different type than if you’re near a Smart Meter, etc.) Choosing the right type for your need can make all the difference in the world. The best ones that are made for the type of coverage you need (A EMF blocking blanket for a mother to be that is on her cell phone or laptop can prevent prematurity in her growing infant.)


EMF Blocking devices help you avoid being a receptor (something that absorbs these waves) and instead has them blocked so they go around you instead of into you. And with the EMF bandwidth increasing to 5G levels for most WiFi devices and cell phones, you better be ready or be sick. I want to protect my brain and immune system the best I can so I use a cell phone protector and pendant myself. I’d use a Smart Meter protector if mine wasn’t in the front property and I’m 300 feet away in the back. But if I lived up front I would have one as well.


best emf protection bracelet


EMF Protection Bracelets

Best EMF Protection Bracelets are great if you use hand held cell phones or tablets. They are best used in combination with a EMF Cell Phone Protector if you’re using it for cell phone protection primarily They help your blood cells flow more freely too. They look nice but need to be close to the source of EMF radiation to block it properly. If you want a more refined and elegant bracelet, then you can also opt for the Zen Russian Shungite Bracelet (pictured below.) It is elegant and also very protective of EMF waves.


russian shungite



They are different than the EMF Pendants as they protect your heart, which generates electrical waves that can be measured with an EKG (electro cardio graph.) So wearing a pendant over your heart area can protect it against EMF waves interfering with your heart waves, and even your brain waves if you’re working on a computer or laptop or other WiFi device that is lower than your heart area.


emf necklace


EMF Protection Necklace

Best EMF Protection Necklace. You can use any EMF crystal, especially Shungite, on a necklace of any material. They help block the harmful EMF Waves from interfering with your body, brain, heart and immune system. The more you wear, the better protected you are!


EMF Necklaces be found in may different shapes and sizes and strengths. If you want the best then the Bio-Electric Shield ones below are the most powerful and give you the most protection. They are more expensive than the Zorb model above, but are a lot stronger and look like high class jewelry. You can even try the less expensive models and exchange it later for a better one if you’re going to a very high WiFi area or near a 5G tower.


Best EMF Protection Pendant


EMF Protection Pendants

EMF Protection Pendants. The Bio-Electric Shields (pictured above) are not only magnificiently Beautiful but highly functional. They block harmful EMF waves and even improve your overall vibration because they add harmonizing waves to your aura. Frequencies can harm, and frequencies can heal, you get to choose which ones you allow into your own personal space so choose wisely! I highly recommend them for baby cribs or around people that are feeling ill. It can help them feel better by improving their energy field and circulation.


5G radiation is now linked to a compromised immune system, and makes you highly prone to autoimmune disorders as well as cancers. It is important if you live near an area where you see 5G antennas then I highly recommend you get one as soon as possible. It not only looks amazing, but it can save your life. You can even hang them around your home to protect your living space or work environment. Look at the chart below to see the benefits of having a Bio Electric EMF Pendant Shield.



EMF Protection Jewellery

EMF Protection Jewellery. You need really good protection to keep your brain, nervous system, immune system and DNA from disruptive and damaging 5G and EMF waves. Here are the best EMF Jewelery that can keep these harmful WiFi, 5G and microwave radiation waves out of your brain and body:

  • EMF Pendants (Pictured above, scrambles harmful waves so they go around you instead of into you, endorsed by Dr. Masaru Emoto)
  • Zorb EMF Protection Bracelet (These are made of beautiful polished Shungite and naturally block EMF waves, as can be seen with an EMF Tester)
  • EMF Protection Necklace (These plug right into the receptacle and allow you to plug your electronics into it. It then protect you against all forms of EMF Radiation and Dirty Electricity)
  • EMF Shielding Blanket (This is a specially filled and coated blanket that you can use when you want to shield your body from radiation – Good for women expecting or people with pacemakers.)
  • Zeolite – Natural Zeolites are powerful radiation and cancer fighters (natural supplement)
  • Nascent Iodine (Protects your thyroid from radiation uptake and spreading into your body)
  • Earthing Pad – Grounding or “Earthing” allows EMF waves to pass through instead of into you (like the static pad you use when you’re on a computer.) This can be tested to show how when you’re touching it while using a WiFi device the meter reading drops down to almost zero!

You can use the EMF pendants hanging from any fixture so it can draw the radiation to it instead of into your body. Use the best of the natural technologies in your favor and be unaffected by whatever is forcing itself into your home unannounced!

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