EMF Protection for Cell Phones

5G EMF Protection for Cell Phones

EMF Protection for Cell Phones

Cell Phones are so important to our lives today. They are how we communicate with our friends and family instantly; send pictures and videos, share life's best and most trying moments. Smartphones are not just phones but Wi-Fi computers that emit and receive 5G EMF signals. Along with the good there are some things you really need to guard against. You really need to use the Best EMF Protection for Cell Phones to prevent absorbing these waves that can heat up (cook) your brain and other cells that are close to the antennae. Cell phone radiation protection is something that you can absolutely use to protect yourself and particularly your children.

Cell Phone EMF Radiation, particularly 5G EMF radiation (electromagnetic frequencies) is able to penetrate your body, brain, blood cells and immune cells. It is powerful enough to change your DNA (your genes that create your body's cells.) Cell phone EMF radiation waves are all around you so you can't prevent them completely. What you can do is block the ones that are close to your body that can cause the most damage. Always use the best EMF protection for cell phones or you will absorb these harmful microwaves into your brain, immune system and body.

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Cell Phones and Cancer

Cell Phones and Cancer Risks.  Do cell phones cause cancer? This is a very important question and concern. It is a well known fact that radiation causes cancer. EMF radiation is a close source of radiation and the higher the bandwidth like 5G cell phone radiation, the faster it can cause cancer and immune system issues (like autoimmune disease.)


In a report issued today, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is an arm of the WHO, said it now lists mobile phone use in the same category as lead, gasoline engine exhaust, and chloroform. Officially, cell phone radiation is listed as a “carcinogenic hazard.” Cnet, News – June 1, 2011

Always use EMF Protection for cell phones or you will be a receiver of this harmful, cancer causing radiation. Cell phone radiation protection is a must if you use a cell phone or give your children cell phones to use. This is what EMF protection devices for cell phones do. They block or deflect the waves that would normally enter your body and have them pass around your body instead.


It is a necessity in our ever increasingly connected world. It is also very harmful to infants and growing children whose brains are still developing. It can affect the brains of seniors so they develop Alzheimer's and Dementia faster than they should. Getting the best EMF protection for Cell Phones can really help prevent the negative side effects of using your phone.


Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on the Human Body

Cell Phone Radiation Effects on Human Body

The above picture shows the Cell Phone Radiation Effects on Human Body and Brain. It examines the effects of EMF waves before, during and after using a cell phone EMF neutralizer on your phone, tablet or laptop. EMF radiation makes your cells “sticky” and no longer flowing properly. You can't heal or feel your best when your cells are not working properly.


Your blood carries oxygen to your brain and body from your lungs and also removes toxins. The same happens to your immune system, and you really need your immune system healthy and working for you right now! You also can ground yourself a little naturally while talking on your cell phone by making contact (touching) a tree or being barefoot on the sand or in water. EMF protection for cell phones helps the harmful 5G EMF radiation go through you instead of into you.


This natural cell phone radiation protection is called earthing or personal grounding and it can help if you don't have a cell phone protection device installed on your phone. There are great EMF protection for cell phones and 5G EMF blocking devices available such as bracelets, pendants and blankets (especially if you are pregnant or nursing) that keep you and your growing infant safe from EMF.


EMF Harmonizer+ for Cell Phone & WiFi Router


EMF Protectors for Cell Phones

EMF Protectors for Cell Phones are easy to install on your iPhone, Android or other cell phone. And they make a big difference that is visible in blood tests and by using an EMF detection meter. As cell phones move 5G and beyond it gets even more important because it can cause your immune system to become weakened and compromised and you can be more susceptible to autoimmune deficiency.


For the best cell phone radiation protection, always try and keep your cell phone as far away from your brain and body as you can. Although you can't outrun or out-block it completely, unless you never leave home and have a home EMF protector installed.  The best EMF protection for cell phones you can get is a simple but powerful EMF shield that blocks the waves nearest your body from penetrating into your body's cells, tissues and brain. It sits between your phone and your body.


The 5G EMF Harmonizer is the best EMF protection for cell phones tested to date and has been shown in lab tests as well as in EMF detection tests to block the harmful EMF waves that are between you and where the EMF device sticker is on. You will feel different using your cell phone. Most people notice that they don't get as tired using it and have less headaches from extended cell phone usage.

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EMF Protection for Cell Phones Reviews

EMF Protection for Cell Phones Reviews. These are 5G EMF Protection for Cell phones and Routers Reviews, which is the top technology that blocks harmful EMF waves from your cell phone or 5G capable device. It currently has a 4.6 star out of 5 star rating. Use the best cell phone radiation protection and you can rest safe in knowing your cell phone shielding is working to protect you and your family from harmful cell phone radiation.


The higher the radiation levels (3G, 4G, 5G) the more important it is to have EMF protection for cell phones. Here are a couple of reviews that show how well it is working for people who want to protect their health from these harmful waves:

emf harmony review

They are relatively inexpensive EMF protection for cell phone devices that protect your brain, immune system and DNA from breaking down. I can't stress the importance of having these on all your Wi-Fi enabled electronics. I have one on my cell phone, one on my laptop, one on my tablet and one on my gaming console. 


I have tested the EMF protection for cell phone Neutralizer with an EMF tester and does lower the EMF's near my body considerably. There are also EMF protection for cell phone sleeves that you can wear in your pocket, 5G blocking ear buds and cell phone pouches that block EMF Waves. This was the easiest cell phone radiation protection solution for me, but if you wear ear phones, then the EMF blocking ear buds may be a good choice for you.

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Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Wi-Fi and 5G Cell Phone Radiation Protection. Having cell phone protection on the back of your phone can stop the harmful radiation from going directly into your head and deflect it upward (you still get full signal strength but don't absorb it right into your head!) You absolutely need some type of EMF protection for cell phones to keep your brain, immune system, and DNA from being damaged by harmful 5G and EMF waves.

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Here are the best EMF protection for cell phone devices and EMF blockers for cell phones that you can use to block the harmful EMF and 5G radiation waves from harming your body:

  • 5G EMF Harmony Cell Phone Radiation Protection  (These protect you while talking on your cellphone and or near your Wi-Fi Router, the most common EMF health risks you will face)
  • EMF Protection Ear Buds (These are good for people that use ear buds and don't want the EMF's traveling into their ears and brains)
  • 5G EMF Pocket Protector (This completely blocks EMF radiation from any phone or device. It is good for people that carry their cell phones in their pocket or purse)
  • EMF Blocking Cell Phone Pouch (These go around your phone and only allow the antennae to emit EMF frequencies needed for reception away from your body)
  • Zeolite – Natural Zeolites are powerful radiation and cancer fighters (natural supplement)
  • Nascent Iodine (Protects your thyroid from radiation uptake and spreading into your body)
  • Earthing Pad – Grounding or “Earthing” allows EMF waves to pass through instead of into you (like the static pad you use when you're on a computer.) This can be tested to show how when you're touching it while using a Wi-Fi device the meter reading drops down to almost zero!

Get a neutralizer, blanket or EMF pendant or other cell phone radiation protection so you can keep your body safe from DNA damaging and brain frying EMF waves. If you use a cell phone, tablet, gaming system or laptop, you need the best EMF protection for cell phones you can get and the above cell phone protectors do it better than anything else. Just click on the EMF protection for cell phones device that fits your needs and you're protected from being fried against your will by these harmful invisible death rays!

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